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Other Insurance Marketing Organization’s (IMO’s) have the ability to give out comp as high as we do, but they choose not to.

By paying low comp to agents, the IMO makes more money. At Oasis Life Group we believe in the agents keeping more of the money. Our agents start at 90% compensation and can go to 140% with multiple layers of management compensation for agents you recruit and train!


As an independent contractor, we don’t believe there is any reason to sign a contract with an IMO.

The only contracts you should sign are your carrier contracts to sell their products.


Getting a bonus at another IMO is nearly impossible if they have a bonus program at all. At Oasis Life Group, we have bonuses on an agency level and personal production level.

Sales Training

Oasis Life Group offers FREE training (including 24/7 online) all year round.

Learn from the top agents in the industry instead of the other IMO agents that charge you to learn and haven’t sold in years.


Most companies will vest you after 5 or 10 years, there are also many that don’t offer renewals at all.

At Oasis Life Group you are vested 100% on day 1 which means your business is truly YOUR business. It also means you have the opportunity to realize the dream of selling your business and either moving on, or staying on in a management.


The Lead Program at Oasis Life Group is exclusive so you’re not competing with other agents with the same leads.

We offer leads for any budget, from a massive true instant inventory, and our leads are never resold! Most other IMOs resell their leads.

Whether you’re an unlicensed newbie but ready for a really profitable new career, or a seasoned professional realizing you are being undervalued (and woefully under-paid!) fill out the form above and get started with Oasis Life Group… And welcome to the family!

Helping families is what we do.

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