Index Universal Life Insurance

Index Universal Life insurance is permanent life insurance for generally healthy people. You cannot outlive the policy if funded as agreed. It offers many tax free benefits such as:

Living Benefits

  • Critical
  • Chronic
  • Terminal

Growing Cash Value

  • Infinite Banking
  • Tax free Growth
  • Compound Interest

High Death Benefit

  • Leave a Legacy
  • Philanthropic Giving
  • Guaranteed Benefits

Retirement Supplementation

  • Planned or Flexible Payout
  • Scheduled Disbursements

Fund More Purposes

  • Investment Opportunities
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Medical Deductible
  • Vacation Planning
  • College Tuition
  • Final Expense

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No Modified Endowment Contracts

All of our policies are set up to never become a Modified Endowment Contract (or MEC). An MEC is an IRS term for an insurance contract which fails the 7-pay test, meaning during the first 7 years more funds were paid into it than would have funded the entire future benefits of the same face value, level premium contract. (as defined in IRS 7702A(e)(3) & 7702(f)(4))

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